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We’ve assembled a list of questions to help you in your product selection  

1. What air press is the right one for my needs?

This question cannot be correctly answered until several factors are considered:

* Will your work require a single rod press or one with a double rod configuration – for micro-adjustments on the down stroke & for greater stability on a vertical axis

* How much air pressure can your lines provide to the press

* Can you advise how much force will be required to do the work

2. Can presses and cylinders be specially machined for any application?

Yes, we can provide a wide range of external threads, internal threads, wrench flats and cross drilling for set screw holes for all presses

3. Can you provide two hand safety controls for your presses and/or cylinders?

Yes, we now have a variety of safety controls and circuits which can be adapted to your particular needs. Ask about our SC series of controls.

4. Do you have a line of affordable aluminum air cylinders with fast delivery capability?

Yes, our line of affordable tie rod cylinders includes 5 bore sizes in spring return and double acting models. Further, they can be single rod or double rod end and have 6 mounting styles

5. Do you manufacture any miniature cylinders? What bores and strokes are available? Are they affordable? Can they be repaired ? What about delivery?

Our miniature cylinders– available in 3/8″ through 1-1/4″ bore sizes -are both spring return and double acting with plain or threaded rod ends. Some models are all brass others are in aluminum. All models are repairable and very affordably priced. Delivery is generally right from stock.

6. Do you offer a line of round non-tie rod cylinders?

Yes. Our DRS line is available in 6 different bore sizes . These cylinders can be provided with single or double rod ends and have threaded rods and wrench flats as a standard feature. They are dimensionally interchangeable with several other brands and are usually off the shelf items for quick delivery.

7. Do you sell any 3-way or 4-way manual control valves?

Yes. We sell these valves in both hand and foot operated models with spring return, manual return and detented actuation. These 2 position valves are available in 1/8″ through 1/2″ NPT port sizes. A safety foot guard is offered for all foot valve models.

8. Can you supply any 4-way, 3 position valves?

Yes we can. We sell hand and foot operated 3 position valves in both spring centered and detented models. We offer 2 types of 3 position valves-with all ports blocked in the center or neutral position or with exhaust ports open in the center position. All valves are repairable and shipped within 1-2 days.

9. What about pilot operated valves?

We have one line of 3-way and 4-way single pilot, spring return valves and another line of double pilot return valves. All are available in 1/8″ through 1/2″ port sizes. Further, we offer a line of 4-way, 3-position double pilot valves with all ports blocked in the center position. All these valves can be shipped in 1-2 days and are repairable.

10. Do you have any safety information I can review?

We provide all current and new customers with a copy of our safety brochure highlighting our safety equipment. You can see an abbreviated version of safety issues below.

Call us if you don’t find an answer here.

We’ve assembled a list of questions to help you in your product selection

11. Do you sell any electric or solenoid operated valves in your line?

We feature 4 separate lines of solenoid operated valves. One line offers 3-way and 4-way single and double solenoid valves in many voltages. Another line features 2-way and 3-way miniature solenoids -single and manifolded- with DIN connectors or flying leads.

12. We need a line of miniature control valves, do you offer any?

Yes, we offer a line of aluminum die cast miniature valves at very affordable prices. In addition, we have a line of miniature valves with poppet design for fast, high flow applications.

13. Do you sell your products direct or through distribution network?

Generally speaking, the vast majority of our sales are generated by authorized distributors throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe However, in those areas where we still have little or no representation, we will work with you and sell you direct.

14. Do you accept any credit cards?

Yes, we can take credit cards over the phone or through our online store.

15. How can I contact you for more information or to request product literature or pricing?

You can phone us at 224/338-0071 or fax us at 224/338-8131. If you would prefer to e-mail us, our address is

16. What is the primary use for your air presses and cylinders?

Because we manufacture pneumatic and hydraulic production components, we cannot determine or foresee all the thousands of uses to which they can be put. We sell a generic product to hundreds of diverse industries-each with their own unique or different applications for our components. Therefore, there is no primary or particular use for the components we manufacture.

17. When repair or servicing of air presses or cylinders becomes necessary, what steps should be taken to prevent injury to operating or maintenance people?

Most importantly, detach all air lines or electric plugs supplying power to our components. A universal practice is to disconnect or shut out the air supply using quick disconnects located in lines near to the individual presses or cylinders. Further, a lockout or tagout valve should be placed in your air line to achieve ZMS-zero mechanical state-when repair or service to components becomes necessary.

18.  What type of safety equipment is available for use with your line of automation Components?

We offer a series of two-hand safety controls for applications where hand actuation is required for production. These controls actuate machinery only when both buttons are pushed simultaneously.

For other applications requiring foot pedal or treadle actuation, we offer a very rugged and durable safety foot guard-to prevent unintended or accidental actuation by the operator. Further, safety foot guards aid in the prevention of unintended actuation should objects be inadvertently dropped on the pedal or treadle by the operator or non-operator alike.

When inspection or servicing of components is required, Air-Mite provides you with two series of lockout valves affording easy installation in your air lines. Lockout valves are recommended to achieve a ZMS-Zero Mechanical State–when maintaining or servicing your machinery. ZMS simply stated means that every power source that can produce movement of machinery has been locked out in the OFF position to prevent injury.






Air-Mite’s primary goal is to provide you, our customers and distributors, with a defect free production component. In this way, an employer can provide the maximum in safety for his or her workforce.

Safety depends on three basic practices: (1) Safeguard the point of operation – the point of operation must be guarded to protect the operator from injury – OSHA 1910.212 (2) Appropriate training for operators of production equipment, and (3) Instill and enforce safety practices for all employees – an employer should provide the maximum in safety for all employees.

Air-Mite insists that all purchasers, operators, and servicers of our production components adhere to applicable ANSI and OSHA regulations regarding machine guarding, two-hand safely controls, lockout valves, and safety foot guards.

Air-Mite will provide all current and new customers with a copy of our safety brochure highlighting our line of safety equipment. This four page brochure provides information on two-hand safety controls, lockout valves and safety foot guards. It is free of charge to all. Simply provide us with a mailing address and we will forward it on to you.

NEWER WARNING stickers/labels are now available in addition to the warning labels we have always used with our products. Our warning label warns the press or cylinder user to use point of operation guards and other safety devices to prevent crush injuries occurring to those operating these production components.

NOTE: Additional or replacement WARNING labels are available at no charge from Air-Mite. Call or fax the factory with your request and the labels will be forwarded to you at once.